In order to upload your Samsung Health activity data, you will need to download your data, save it to your device and upload it
This is made simple for you by following the five easy steps below

Five Easy Steps to Upload Your Samsung Health Activity Data

Step One
Open the Samsung Health app
Step Two
On the home screen of the app, select the “three horizontal lines” in the top left of the screen
Select the “settings wheel/cog icon” in the top right of the screen
Step Three
Scroll down then select “Download personal data”
Click “Download”, then sign in to your Samsung account and click “OK”
Select “OK”
Step Four
Return to the Samsung home screen and select “My Files”, then select “Internal storage”
Select “Android”, then select “Data”
then select “Files”
Select “Download”, then tap and hold on your Samsung Health folder until it displays a tick symbol
Select the “More” icon represented by “three dots” in the top right of the screen
Select “Compress”, then select “Zip” and click “Compress”
Step Five
Click the link below to upload your physical activity data file
You will see a file request from Dr Gallin Montgomery, the Principal Investigator
You will need to click the “Select Files” button and then navigate to your “” folder in the location that you have saved it e.g. My Files -> Internal Storage -> Android -> Data ->
Click here to upload your physical activity data file – this will open in a new window
In the link above, when you have clicked the “Select Files” button, upload your “” folder
So we can identify your data and link it to your questionnaire, remember to add your:

First name
Last name

Click “Upload”

Thank you for participating! Please share the study with others that may wish to participate!